Sunday, 18 March 2012

5 good things right now

Here are five things that are pretty great at the moment:

1. Spring
Spring is here! Sure, there are still piles of snow all over the place, and I haven't been able to change into my spring jacket yet, but in the city the streets are pretty bare, the sun feels warm, and it's light out in the mornings! Besides, it's almost April and Easter, and then spring is definitely here!

2. Thesis
Today it's exactly one month until the day I need to do the presentation of my Bachelor's thesis, and I need to hand in a draft in a couple of weeks. I'm not stressed, though, since I've been way ahead of schedule the entire time. It's supposed to be 15-20 pages, and I have about 18 now. Not far to go now!

3. Summer job
The search is over! And it's taken the stress and agony of the whole process with it! I got a summer job! And it's even in my own field! And pays quite well (for being an internship)! And it's really close to my flat! And the fact that I got it is, in general, really, really great!

4. Travel
In less than three weeks I'm going to Rome. I haven't been there before, and despite being a massive planner, I haven't even figured out what you can do in Rome, but I'm sure it'll be great (although it's Easter, and not the best time to go there, since that's when everyone else is there). I was planning to study a bit of Italian before going, but that plan didn't work out, what with everything else going on. Oh, well, at least I can order wine, and that's what matters!

5. Visits
I've already had two of the friends I made in Scotland visit me, and the next one will be here in just a week. Can't wait! Oh, that reminds me, there's someone I need to remind to start planning her visit, since she promised she'd come...

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Joys of Job-Hunting

"What kind of work ethic do you have?"
"What's your greatest weakness?"
"What makes you stressed?"
"Describe yourself in 5 adjectives."
"What is good customer service?"
"Give 5 weaknesses that your previous employer may think you have."
"Describe a situation where you could not resolve a problem."
"Why should we hire you?"

Other "fun" questions you've been asked at job interviews or heard about?

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