Friday, 15 February 2013

The Swimsuit Dilemma

A couple of weeks back a friend of mine asked me to join her and a couple of other girls to the local spa (with pools, jacuzzis, water slides, that sort of thing - no beauty treatments or anything like that). I hadn't gone there for years, and I thought it could be fun - except for a tiny little problem: I didn't have a swimsuit.

There are a few reasons for this, the main one being that I don't really like wearing a bikini. I last bought one in the spring of 2010, and didn't use it since, so last time I tried it on I realised that there was no way that top was going to cover most of what it should be covering. I also rarely swim, even in the summer, as the  Finnish seawater is bloody freezing. On the beach I prefer to keep my middle covered anyway - we all have parts of ourselves we don't really care for, and that's mine. So, since I don't like wearing a swimsuit, I didn't really feel like going to buy one in the first place.

I discussed this with another friend of mine, telling her how it would be fun to go swimming since I hadn't been for so long, but that I hated wearing a swimsuit. And then she told me: "You'll just have to get yourself a swimsuit that is so gorgeous that you'll love wearing it!" Well, that sounds easier said than done. But then she sent me a link to a website called For Luna which sells retro-inspired swimsuits. And they are absolutely gorgeous!!!

So, as of today, I am the happy owner of an amazing swimsuit which I will be happy to wear whenever the chance arises.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Mission accomplished

I did it. It took me about 4 months to write, and then, about a month later, I spent a weekend doing the final corrections. Last Sunday I finished the final version and e-mailed it off to be printed, and on Wednesday I got the final result.

It may not look like much in the picture, but to me it looks absolutely beautiful!

Now I just need to wait for the grade, which I should receive within a couple weeks. And then that's it! I can put my MA thesis on a shelf and move on with my life!

...which will still consist mainly of uni work, but hopefully a bit less of that and more of actual paid work in a couple week's time, when this awful period is over and I only have two classes a week left.

The end is nigh, my friends!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Travel facts

My friend Anna gave me a challenge where you're supposed to post a picture and your readers are supposed to guess where it's taken, and then there's a bunch of questions to reply to as well. I'm sending this one on to Elina, hopefully she hasn't done it aready.

Any guesses?

Scariest airline flown?
I haven't flown any particularly scary airlines so far, and I can't remember any particularly scary flights, either.  I guess the really short flights in tiny planes (Turku-Stockholm, Turku-Helsinki) may have been a bit scarier than normal as they're usually a lot more bumpy, but nothing too scary there, either.

Favourite city/country/place?
This is a really difficult one! But as the question is formulated like that, I'm going to take advantage of it and choose one each, which isn't easy either, but I'd have to say city: London, country: Scotland, and place: the one in the picture.

Most remote corner of the globe visited?
On the bus between Sydney and Canberra, surrounded by the Australian outback, I felt like I was pretty far away, both from home and from other people in general.

Favourite guidebook series?
I think the guidebook series you start out with tends to be the one you keep using, and in my case that's Lonely Planet, although I can't really say if it's tons better than any other series.

Solo traveller or group traveller?
Although travel with a great group of friends can be amazing, it's also very difficult to get right, as you won't know how well you get on once you're out there before you actually head off. Also, I know I tend to have moments when I stress out/am grumpy/hate compromises when I spend too much time with the same people (although this doesn't apply to everyone, it's just that I won't know beforehand), so I'm quite happy to travel on my own, also because then I'm not bound by things like other people's schedules or budgets. I mean, if I'd always sat around waiting for someone else to have the time and the money to travel when I did, I wouldn't have been half the places I've been. But my favourite kind of travel is a combination of both categories - travelling on my own while visiting friends or couch surfing, or travelling with someone else but having "days off" and spending time apart as well.

Worst place to catch a stomach bug?
I've been lucky enough to avoid stomach bugs abroad so far, but during a week-long family holiday in Alanya, Turkey everyone else got sick at some point during the week. Stomach bugs are awful anywhere, but I'd say hot temperatures don't help.

First culture shock experience?
Strangely enough, the first culture shock I remember experiencing was reversed culture shock after returning from Paris after working at Disneyland one summer. It's strange, because I'd both lived in France before, and returned to Finland before, and the first time was after a whole year, so you'd think it would be worse. It was equally bad in January 2011 when I moved back from London to a dark, cold Finland and an empty flat full of my boxed-up belongings.

Where would you buy a second house?
Well, this one is hard, too. There's so many places! It would be lovely to have a home somewhere warm, so that I could escape there when the Finnish winter becomes too much, but at the same time my top 2 favourite places - London and Scotland - would probably come first, even though the weather there is only marginally better in the winter than it is here.
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