Sunday, 20 February 2011


Before, I have mentioned the brand called Waldo Pancake. There's another one which can usually be found in the same shops, called The INTERESTING thoughts of EDWARD MONKTON.

As the name suggests, the thoughts of Edward Monkton are really quite interesting. They are featured on greeting cards, mugs, T-shirts, bags, etc, and although they often don't make a lot of sense, most of them still have a simple, beautiful message. Mostly, when I've found products of this brand in shops, I've had too much trouble choosing which one I like the most, so unfortunately I only own a little box containing mints, featuring The SHOE of SALVATION, but I'm sure I'll get some more when I go back to England. After "properly" finding this brand in Camden Market (London), I also realised that a few years ago I bought an Edward Monkton book, called The Lady and the Chocolate, for a friend .

Here's a few examples of the thoughts of Edward Monkton to brighten your day:

The Friends

Where are we going?

The Shoe of Salvation

More can be found at his website.

I hope you enjoyed these. Now go, and let the wisdom of Edward Monkton guide you to a better life! ;)

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