Thursday, 3 May 2012

Back in the burgh

I've just got back after 4 wonderful days in Edinburgh. It felt like I never left at all, that I'd seen everybody just a little while ago, which was great, but that's probably what made leaving again so hard, too.

When I was over there, I realised I'd forgotten quite a few things about Edinburgh. First of all, I'd forgotten how bloody cold, no, absolutely freezing the flats over there can be. I'd forgotten the (in my opinion, although some seem to disagree) disgusting smell of the brewery that sometimes takes over the city, and seems to live permanently in the stairwell of my old flat. I'd forgotten about the bloody tram works, which have now taken over an even greater chunk of central Edinburgh (I remember a time when I could take a bus into Princes street, and not have to walk down the entire (quite long) street (that's always full of people, mainly tourists). Seems so long ago now...). And then there's the wind.

But I'd also forgotten other things. Like how green it is everywhere, and how the tiniest bit of (rare) sunshine can make everything look all happy and lovely. And the particular atmosphere that comes from all those old stone buildings. And how cheap it is, especially food. And British TV! And shopping. And now, in the spring, there are cherry blossoms everywhere, and it's just so very pretty despite the clouds and rain!

Mainly, though, I realised how much I've missed Edinburgh, and all my friends there. And that I really, really  want to move back.

Good thing I'm doing a degree where I can work from anywhere... :)

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