Friday, 4 May 2012

"You say 'erbs' and we say 'herbs', cos there's a fucking H in it."

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I don't tend to plan very far ahead. Or rather, I tend to plan, but my plans also tend to change. A lot. And very quickly, too. So, although I may at one point decide that I'll, say, spend the next two years in Finland, I may also change my mind only a few days later, and end up spending 6 months in Scotland (true story). So for me, making plans for a year ahead isn't always very realistic.

But now, I've done it. I've bought tickets for 11.4.2013 - a date so far ahead that even my calendar won't let me note it down. And for once, it isn't a plane ticket, but a ticket to a gig. I am going to see Eddie Izzard in Helsinki!!! Yes! Amazing!!! I own most of his DVDs, and I've watched tons of his stuff on YouTube and TV, and now I get to see him live!!

Can you tell I might just be a tiny little bit excited about this?

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