Monday, 6 August 2012

More plans, again

Today I made an important decision about my future. This would probably feel quite momentous to most people, but for me, it didn't really feel all that special - probably because I seem to be making these kinds of decisions at least once a month. I think the effect is similar when I tell someone about these decisions - to most people close to me, it will just be another plan in a long line of similar grand plans. It's not that they don't believe that I could go through with it, I think, but more that they know I am likely to have come up with at least a dozen other plans replacing this one before I get to the point where I could make this new plan reality. And, to be fair, they're probably right.This most recent one, however, I feel is going to actually have a bit more impact on my current life than previous "I'll go to Australia for a year after graduating" and similar plans.

Basically, a chain of events has lead me to really, really want to move back to London. A friend of mine was talking about it, and then I ended up (stupidly enough) reading some blogs by Finns living in London (one of whom is a 30-something woman living with her family in Mayfair, about to move to Marylebone, with a holiday home on the Riviera, and a bunch of other nice and lovely things - don't even get me started on how much I want her life). Anyway, I tried to get past this urge to move back by thinking that in two years' time I'll graduate, and then I'm free to move wherever I want, whether that be London, or Edinburgh, or Australia, or wherever. That really didn't help, though. So, in my new mindset of trying to find a solution to my problems, I started to think about a possible solution - what can I do to make that time shorter? And by taking a look at the courses I have left, I figured out something that I have sort of thought a little about before as well - that if I manage to do a few more courses than strictly necessary while I'm working on my master's thesis (and that really wouldn't add too much to my workload, to be honest) I could graduate by Christmas 2013 instead of spring 2014. And that's just a year and a half away, which does sound slightly less depressing than two years. That would be next year, after all!

So I think I'll try to sort this out. What it all comes down to (other than whether or not I manage to get myself to actually do the work) is if a certain teacher will let me take her course, even though I don't exactly fill all the prerequisites for it (I'm one class short, but I'll have finished that one by the time we're only 1/3 through this particular class, so maybe that'll help). I'll give it a go, and play the "but otherwise I won't be able to graduate on time! :'( "-card, and hope for the best.


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