Monday, 27 August 2012

What's currently being played to death

As I mentioned in my previous music-related post (and may have done before, as well), I tend to play good songs I find to death. Here's the most recent one, which I found only this weekend:

I rarely watch music videos, but I'm glad I happened to watch this one, as I find it quite inspirational - the song even more so. Definitely a good motivator.

Another one that I've been playing a lot lately (and that I'm very close to tiring of) is this one:

For some reason I watched some of this video as well (really, I almost never watch them, especially since my computer/internet doesn't seem to get along with youtube, and cos I don't really see the point), but only for about a minute, and then gave up. Anyway, I like the song, it's catchy and it's got a good beat - I've been dancing to it around my flat while cleaning (yeah, more dancing than cleaning, unfortunately).

There's also been a couple of Finnish ones I discovered this summer, and "same old" in the shape of Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters and Men. But I think I need to find something new to replace the two top ones soon, before they're damaged beyond repair. Any ideas?

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