Thursday, 24 March 2011

At work, part 2

Here's another look into the fascinating life of a supply teacher...

English, 7th graders, i.e. 13-14 year-olds.

Student #1: Hey, we don't have a nickname for you yet! You need a nickname!
Me: Oh, great...
They try out a few different ones, all equally bad. 
Student #1: I know! Jay!
Student #2: Yeah! Jay!
Me: Riiight...
Student #3: Big J!
Me: No!
Student #2: Little J!
Student #3: Cool J!
Student #2: Hey, Jay! Oh, that rhymes!
Me: *facepalm*

Good luck trying to keep a straight face in those classes!

I'm hoping they forget all about it while I'm away for a week, but I guess I should be prepared to be called "Cool J" when I get back... Oh dear... But I guess it could be worse. And those 7th graders are really kinda cute. I just wish they'd actually get some work done every now and then...

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