Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Three Great Things

Here are three things that make me happy right now:

Bare streets
A clear sign that spring is on it's way. Bare streets are so underrated! After months of walking like an old lady, carefully assessing at every step what the ground under your feet is like (is it just snow, or ice, or the worst of all, deceitful ice covered in snow?), wearing heavy boots, or shoes that don't keep out the snow and leave you with soggy socks every day, there is nothing like finally seeing a bit of black pavement under all the ice, and actually feeling the ground under your feet... And spring shoes! The moment when you can finally wear all those nice little spring shoes that have been collecting dust all winter... Ok, getting a bit carried away here, but if you didn't guess already, I LOVE spring!

After I got back from my exchange, I was in a situation I hadn't been in for about two years - I had no trips coming up. During most of 2009 and 2010 I always had at least one return ticket booked, often even two or three. I know this might sound like I'm spoilt, and should just shut up, but that's just how it was. Then I spent 7 months in London, and at the end of that time I had to come back to Turku and its -27 degrees, without even a trip to look forward to. Very depressing.
At the end of last month, however, I had some well-paid work coming up, and I decided I couldn't stand this anymore. So, in less than two weeks from now, I'll be heading back to London for 6 days of shopping, meeting friends, and enjoying the bare streets! :)

I've got quite an empty schedule school-wise at the moment, which has given me more time to see my friends. Lately, I've had tons of nice moments, having coffee or lunch with my friends, or just hanging out, as well as a great evening of drinking and board games. I've also had Skype-dates with those of my friends who are far away. I'm happy to have more of the same coming up in the next two weeks; two more Skype dates, going to the movies, a concert and a couple of nights out, and maybe even a few lunches, with good friends. And soon I'll get to see my mates down in London, I can't wait!
Love you all! xx


  1. Not anonymous at all, it's Maria ! Happy to know you're hitting back to London... <3

  2. Jag kan dela din glädje över bar asfalt :)

  3. Jag delar också normalt din glädje över bar asfalt, men för tillfället är jag ju lite bortskämd när det gäller sånt så jag kan inte riktigt delta till 100%... Men Skypedates låter däremot super! :)


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