Monday, 7 March 2011

Ode to a Couch

Today I read a column which focused on something as simple as the couch. The writer argued that the couch is the most important piece of furniture in a home; that it's where good ideas are made, where everything begins and everything ends, where you always return. It's where the family meets, where you can relax, and it's the centre of a home. He wrote that a considerable amount of thought and effort should be put into choosing the right couch, because it is such and important part of people's lives and homes.

The writer had some interesting thoughts about the couch, and reading his column inspired me to tell you about my own couch.

I got my couch almost two years ago, when I moved into a bigger apartment. My old apartment was too small for a proper couch, so there I had this bed/couch-thing instead. When I moved, my mum knew someone who wanted to get rid of their old couch, and I was, of course, more than happy to get a free couch.

The couch is terribly heavy, which doesn't normally matter, but it did matter when we had to get it into my 6th floor appartment. My friend, my brother and my step-brother carried it all the way up the stairs (I walked behind them and carried their coats :P ), and although it looked bad for a while, they managed to get in inside.

Once the couch was in place and I had moved in, I found out that the couch was, in fact, very comfortable. It's soft, but not too soft, so you don't get swallowed by it. Its cushions don't slide too easily, and its armrests are high and solid, so they're good to lean against, too. It can fit three people, possibly four if it has to, and it's big enough for people to sleep on without having to curl up too much.

Since I got the couch, many of my friends have enjoyed sitting or sleeping on it. Most people comment on how comfortable it is. It's been the main base in Turku to sleep on for many, many exchange students these past two years (a couple of them even created the Jenni's Couch group on Facebook), and it has also welcomed several CouchSurfers.

Since the couch is white, time has left its marks on it. The couch hasn't escaped the occasional stain, but so far it hasn't been affected by accidents that left any noticeable marks.

I was really lucky to get hold of such a good couch, and for free, too, and it has served me and my friends well these past two years. Let's hope it keeps on doing so for many, many more!

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