Sunday, 27 February 2011

I think this is the beginning of an awful addiction...

Yesterday, I finally did something I'd been thinking about for a while - I got myself a smartphone.

I've been drooling over other people's iPhones, but since my own iPod is still pretty good (although I've now filled up 8GB and I should rinse out the excess stuff) I don't really need a phone to put music on. And let's face it, no matter how much I want it, I don't really need an iPhone. And I can't afford it either, for that matter.

Anyway, so far I haven't got a smartphone, because mostly the amount I'd have to pay per month was a bit high when it included the phone, internet, calling and texting. Now, however, the deals for internet are getting much better, so I decided to go for it. One company had an offer for the HTC Legend + internet for 18€ a month (calls and texting not included, obviously), where the phone itself is normally 16€ a month, and internet (the fastest speed they offer) by itself would be around 14€ a month. So, a pretty good deal, I think.

Now, of course, I know what will happen. I will get absolutely addicted to my new phone, and to having internet with me everywhere. I won't be able to manage without it anymore. Yesterday, when, I have to admit, I spent several hours trying out all the things my new toy could do, I found several things which would have been terribly useful when I was living in London. I managed fine without them, of course, but that's all in the past now - the next time I find myself without my phone, I'll be close to handicapped.

What a smart move this was, right? (pun not intended)


  1. Jag känner igen det där. Jag har ju bara min väldigt simpla Nokia men jag skulle nog lite vilja ha en smartphone... Har faktiskt funderat på en HTC själv men vi får se. Just nu har jag inte riktigt råd med en though... :P

  2. Vad har du fö speed nu då? Va har du förresten för internet? För jag har lixom mokkulan och telefonens internet "ihop"...

    Hur som helst... man sku ha faktist otrolig nytta av alla applications då man är utomlands. De e bara d att dom alla kräver nästan internet - och det kan man ju int använda utomlands om man int förstås vill bli helt fattig. Men förstås - stannar man längre så kan man ju skaffa internet åt sig. :)

  3. 15 Mbit/s, och de e Saunalahti. Hemma har jag ingen mokkula mera, då Spark funkar här.
    Och jag vet att man int gör så mycket med dom utan nät, men de finns ju wlan iaf, och i England har jag ju min prepaidliittymä kvar, så jag kan använda de där :)


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