Monday, 21 February 2011

Procrastinators unite! - tomorrow...

One of the things about myself that I dislike the most is my tendency to procrastinate. Of course, it can be seen as the stereotypical personality trait of a student, but I think, at least in my case, it goes deeper than that, and it really bothers me. I wish I could be efficient and organised like some people, and actually do things when I'm supposed to, instead of always leaving them to the last minute. There are people like that out there, aren't there? Lucky bastards...

I know some people see me as very organised and efficient, and in some areas of my life I am. When I was in London, for example, I was always the person who organised things we did, looked up locations, booked tables, and so on. I love making lists and schedules for everything, including my studies. The problem is that when it has to do with something unpleasant, such as studying for an exam, I never follow that nice, colourful schedule I've drawn up for myself. I actually spend more time planning than actually doing whatever it is that I'm supposed to be doing.

Last spring, I complained that I didn't have enough free time. To be honest, I had plenty of free time - the problem was how I distributed that time. If I had started by doing all the things on my To Do list, I could have relaxed once I'd finish them. What I did, however, was taking the 'relaxation time' first, and leaving the stuff that needed to be done to the last minute. This led to my 'relaxation time' not being very relaxing at all; I was too stressed out by everything that still had to be done, and all the deadlines I had to meet. You'd think this would be a great incentive to make me do the work before taking some time off.
Strangely, it wasn't.

My tendency to procrastinate doesn't only concern my studies, but also things like cleaning and washing the dishes. Studying is clearly at the top of the list, though, because if there's nothing else, I might even clean or do the dishes in order to get out of studying. This habit is something that really annoys me, and I wish I'd find a way to get rid of it. Any hints, anyone?

Not surprisingly, while writing this post, I should really have been doing something else... Wanna take a wild guess?

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