Friday, 18 March 2011


In Swedish we've got the expression i-landsproblem. I-land means 'developed country', and i-landsproblem is a kind of small problem or irritation in your every-day life which you find annoying, but which, when you put things into perspective, really isn't much of a problem at all (yes, a First World problem, but I happen to like the Swedish term for it!)

We've all experienced this. You're trying to put up a post-it note, and it just won't stick. How irritating. You're eating take away food, and the plastic cutlery breaks too easily. Very irritating. You've got too many remotes, so that you never know which one to use to change the channel. Your intenet connection is too slow. The cash machine won't give you notes that are small enough (e.g. 10€ notes). The Facebook chat isn't working properly. The shop's run out of the specific kind of crisps/sweets/other that you like. How very, very irritating!

Life is just hard, isn't it? ;)

What kind of i-landsproblem have you experienced recently?


  1. There are no good shows on tv tonight. Very irritating.

  2. Ooooh! I've got a really good one! Today I had to vacuum the house myself because the cleaner wasn't coming like she usually is! :D

  3. Or like when I had to pick everything (clothes, books, papers...) up from the floor once a week back in Wood Green, because the cleaner was coming :P


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