Monday, 1 April 2013

Amazing April

April has arrived!

April is definitely one of my favourite months of the year - the snow melts and spring takes over, the days get longer, the summer holidays are approaching fast, and it also happens to be my birthday. This year, April is also filled with other cool things and events, so while it may be more common to do a recap of a month that has passed, I've decided to do an overview of the month ahead.

So, here are some of the things that I can look forward to in April 2013:

Ok, this already happened, but I had to include a picture of 1st April - a lovely Easter brunch with some friends. What a lovely way to start the month and the week!

This is the print out of the book we have been translating in class, and on the 10.4 we will finally finish working on it. Not the greatest of books (what an understatement!), but a good experience nonetheless.

On the 10th the student association for translation students is also organising it's 2nd ceilidh. The first time we organised it, in February this year, it was quite a success, and hopefully it will be this time, too. I can't wait!!

Everything seems to be happening in the same week, because the day after the ceilidh I'm heading to Helsinki to see Eddie Izzard live! We bought the tickets last year in May, so this has definitely been a long awaited event.

And just so I won't get bored, I've managed to cram one more fun event into that same week - an annual ball of one of the societies at university. The last time I went to one of those was a year ago, and the next one won't be until October, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting back into my lovely ball gown.

After a week full of activities I have a slightly less full week, although there will be a Monty Python -themed party on Thursday, and then on Sunday it's my birthday, which I will celebrate in the fashion of the above picture with some friends.

And then, only a few days later, I will finally head back to my favourite city in the world (or one of my two favourites, at the very least)! My mum and I will head to London for our fifth annual mother&daughter trip (and our fourth visit there together). We'll be following our usual plan - one day of shopping, one market, one museum, one musical, and afternoon tea. Plus a whole bunch of great breakfasts and lunches and dinners - I've actually spent considerably more time planning where we'll eat on this trip than anything else. You've got to set your priorities straight, after all!

And soon April is over and it is time for Vappu, i.e. the May day celebrations, which will also mark the end of life as I know it, as I will no longer be a student. But that's still some time, and several amazing events away!

I wish you all an amazing month of April!


  1. Crazy långt hår du har!!

    1. Jepp, back in 2011. Men det var ju inte allt mitt, om du minns ;)


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