Thursday, 12 May 2011

Little things

A list of little things that make life good at the moment:

Clean windows
As a birthday present, one of my friends came over today to help me wash my windows, which was urgently needed. It's amazing how different the world looks through clean windows!

Lemon yoghurt
I used to eat lemon yoghurt all the time in France, but when I got back to Finland I was disappointed to find that you couldn't buy it anywhere. But now you can! And it's nice and creamy and nothing like the runny stuff you usually get here! 

Nice co-workers
Working in a high school has both good days and bad, and during the bad days it's great to have nice co-workers who you can moan to about your awful students, and who are sympathetic and understand what it's like.

Sunshine. Leaves on trees. Spring shoes. What's not to love?

Doctor Who
Recently I've realised that there's nothing good on TV anymore. Luckily this is evened out by the fact that I can look forward to an awesome episode of Doctor Who each week! Until the summer break, that is...

Spending time with friends
After a student union meeting earlier this week, some of the girls and I went to an Indian restaurant. It was spontaneous, and I can't really afford it right now, but I'm glad I went - I had a great time with people I don't usually spend a lot of time with, except on meetings and other uni-related stuff. I should do things like this more often - it's been so busy with work and my studies lately that I haven't spent enough time just hanging out with my friends.

Summer's coming.
I'll actually be on holiday. I won't be making a lot of money, but I'll be able to relax, and do all the things I haven't had time to do lately. Like read. And write. And make a scrapbook. And just hang out without feeling guilty.

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