Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Uncharacteristic behaviour?

I got a call from my step-mum today, and we talked for quite a while, mostly about my work at the school and my plans for the summer . I ended up mentioning that I'd be going to London in the middle of June - so far I'd kept pretty quiet about it, since I thought she wouldn't approve, what with me not really having a job this summer and all. Usually I tell my parents as soon as I've booked a ticket, but now I just thought my step-mum would tell me that I really should have saved my money. Instead, she laughed, and said "You know, I've actually been a bit worried about you lately. You haven't talked about any new trips, so I was afraid you were depressed, since you didn't even want to travel anymore!"
I thought this was pretty funny :)


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