Saturday, 21 May 2011

Recap of the past week

First, I was going to write a long post about the Eurovision Song Contest, based on my FB conversation with a friend while watching it, but the whole ESC thing is getting a bit old already. Basically, we didn't do too well, but then we (almost) never do, and the only thing that matters is that Sweden didn't win either ;)

Then, I was going to write about the AMAZING night the entire population of Finland (which isn't all that many people, but still) had last Sunday, when the Finnish team beat Sweden and became world champions of ice hockey, but that's been written about so many times already that I don't think I need to contribute to it at this point. I'll just illustrate by a few pictures of my evening (most of the pics are by Anna, the last one's from Iltalehti):

Finnish supporters


National anthem

A spontaneous gathering at the market square of Turku after the game

Good times...

Seems like I've managed to fill a post pretty well with stuff I wasn't going to write about. I'll just finish this off by telling you about the gigs I went to this week.

My favourite band Fork performed in my hometown this week, and I went to see them with my mum on Tuesday. Fork likes to call themselves an "a cappella rock band", and their shows are always amazing! If you're thinking of normal a cappella, you couldn't be further from the truth, because this really is more like a rock band. Anyway, their show on Tuesday was so ridiculously good that the first thing I did after it was to call a friend and see if she'd join me to their second gig in the same town the next day. So I saw them twice in two days. Best 40€ I've ever spent.
So if you live in Finland and they're performing within a 100km radius of you, go see them! And if anyone's going to the Edinburgh Fringe in August, you can see them there, too!

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